Occupational Therapy Clinical Resources

Feeding Matters


Feeding Matters is spearheading the effort to conquer pediatric feeding struggles by developing tools, resources, and educational opportunities for both parents and professionals. Working alongside internationally recognized feeding experts, Feeding Matters is addressing the many aspects of feeding and swallowing disorders, including growth, cognitive development, physical strength, behavior, and nutritional status.


CIAO Seminars


Committed to taking care of fellow therapists, Career Improvement & Advancement Opportunities (CIAO) provides local, affordable, quality continuing education courses that enhance a therapists marketability and skills, ultimately benefiting patients. CIAOs courses and services provide a network that facilitates support – personally, clinically and professionally. All this, with fun, humor and Southern hospitality! Save the therapists!


MedBridge, Inc.


MedBridge believes education is the most powerful way to improve lives. With evidence-based clinical and patient education, MedBridge serves thousands of therapists to build an educated and empowered medical community to improve patient outcomes.

With an annual MedBridge subscription, gain unlimited access to 100+ nationally accredited courses. Learn from top instructors like Jan Davis, Teepa Snow, Steven Wheeler, Diane Dirette, and more. Click here or use promo code: OTcafe to subscribe for only $200 (normally $300).


If you would like to find out more information about how to be listed on our resource page, please e-mail us.

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